A draft legislation seeking to punish people, hurting docs on duty doctors and other healthcare professionals by imprisoning them for up to 10 years, has been finalised and will be made public soon for feedback, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said.

According to the draft bill, violence means an act which causes any kind of hurt, intimidation, obstruction or endangers the life of any healthcare service personnel in discharge of duty within the premises of a healthcare facility. Violence also includes damage or loss to property or documents in a clinical establishment.

Healthcare professionals include doctors and para-medical staff and also medical students, diagnostic service providers in a health facility and ambulance drivers.

“The Central law, a long-standing demand of the medical fraternity, which seeks to prohibit hurting docs on duty and other healthcare service personnel and damage to property of clinical establishments has been finalised. We will soon put it in public domain for comments and feedback,” Vardhan said.

In case of non-payment of compensation by a convict, the amount may be recovered as arrears of land revenue under the Revenue Recovery Act 1890, the sources said.