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3Cs – Catch, Check and Change

Imagine getting over a big meeting and then your boss telling you ‘my cabin, in 5.’ Your mind will start replaying the whole one hour of that meeting, scene by scene, and you will start feeling anxious as to where YOU went wrong. When you’ll gather the courage to see your boss after 5 minutes, turns out he wants you to take care of the whole project and wants you to know that you actually pulled through a tough meeting. 

See what happened here? When we start focusing on our thoughts, we can change a lot of how we lead our lives. The cognitive approach to depression takes into account the 3Cs – catch, check and change. Be aware of your thoughts at the start, check if they are positive or negative thoughts, and try to change that to a more helpful, realistic thought. This is an effective strategy to tame negative thoughts at the bud and to work towards dealing with depression.

So always keep in mind when you feel down or depressed follow 3Cs – Catch, Check and Change.


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