In winter, the worsening air quality in Calcutta leads kids to asthma, said doctors during a recent awareness campaign on respiratory disease. The infection with a spike in particulate matter can be linked to air pollution, they added. On December 6, The Telegraph announced that an examination of the city’s weather after November 10 found that on most days the condition was “bad.” The National Air Quality Index reports that “poor” air quality will cause “many citizens with prolonged exposure to breathing irritation.” The air quality of the region tends to decline in October and, according to scientists, is at its filthiest in December and January. This is attributed to a weather phenomenon where the wind speed decreases and contaminants can not scatter. Senior pulmonologist at AMRI Hospitals, Anghsuman Mukhopadhyay, stated smoking in adults resulted in asthma and smoking was “very strong” in the eastern part of India. He added that the use of smokeless tobacco is seen in other parts of the country. But it’s the smoke tobacco in that part of India. They are looking at a community of 8% of asthmatic children. They land up with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease when they become teenagers and expose lungs to cigarette smoke there. Children’s food preferences have triggered an immunological change that makes them prone to allergic diseases such as asthma, the expert said. He advises people to not ignore that asthma they might have and get treatment with the correct medication.