Allergies impact every third Indian, but care may rarely include sufficient sniffles or wheezing relief. A new medical study found that nasal sprays that provide relief from allergic rhinitis were prescribed only to 26% of the 571 patients that needed it and only four out of the 1,030 victims were given “allergy vaccines” that can bring relief for up to six months. A fourth of allergic rhinitis cases are likely to cause asthma, a chronic lung condition marked by shortness of breath and wheezing, and a common cause of hospitalization. The research, recently published in the Medical & Dental Sciences Journal of Evolution, analyzed 1,030 individuals commonly seen by clinicians varying from dermatologists to surgeons for their allergies. Allergy specialist Dr. Wiqar Shaikh, Claims that it is a shame that the medical curriculum undermines allergies. A researcher said allergy testing is limited by the fact that it is not straightforward to determine whether a person has an allergy or a serious reaction to local pollution. A senior doctor said vaccinations for allergies have not yet been fully verified. According to him. The fish therapy provided in Hyderabad could be regarded as an oral vaccination, but as a medication, it was not approved. Most practitioners of homeopathy have oral vaccines.