Amazon just launched its healthcare app ‘Amazon Care’ on Google Play and the Apple Store so that Seattle-area employees can get more convenient and affordable health care. Further, Amazon has also hired a mix of technical, product and analytics talent, along with clinicians, suggesting that Amazon could use the service to collect and analyze health data about a large population, which could be useful as it pushes deeper into the $3.5 trillion health care space.

For using this app, users need an Amazon corporate alias and must be based in the Seattle area. Employees that will download the Care app will sign up with their Amazon login credentials. They’re then asked to agree to allow Amazon’s health and welfare policy. That might include their employee email, name, date of birth, and so on.

Amazon pointed-out that it contracts with a third party medical group called Oasis Medical, which is a separate legal entity. It was disclosed “Neither the plan nor Oasis will receive financial or in-kind compensation or remuneration in exchange for using or disclosing the PHI (personal health information) as described above.” Amazon then asks the user to inform whether they are the primary insurance holder or a dependant with an invitation code and informs them that anyone over the age of 18 must have an Amazon account, indicating that Amazon Care may be linked to Amazon’s other services.

From there, they will be asked whether they would prefer a free chat with a nurse via messenger (“CareChat”) or a video chat (“VideoCare”) with a medical provider. An employee might share that they’re feeling unwell, and a provider would follow up within minutes to ask a set of questions and figure out whether the patient needs to be seen in person. If so, a medical professional will be dispatched, and a map in the app shows their location and estimated arrival time.

Amazon employees can also set up a profile with their payment methods, care history, and their dependents. Their care summary will include a potential diagnosis, with notes from the doctor and the treatment plan. So far, the company has received dozens of positive ratings and reviews, implying that employees are happy about the quality of care and convenience. If Amazon Care succeeds among employees, the company could someday sell it to millions of people who already rely on Amazon for their groceries, entertainment, and more.