introduced a new perk for its workers back in September. The new program — called Amazon Care — is a health service available to the employees of the company. Amazon states that the healthcare initiative offers “the best of both virtual and in-person care.” It is just one in a string of recent developments that shape a clear pattern that should render the market mindful of the arrival of Amazon — and it could mark the beginning of a dramatic change in how healthcare is being handled. The Amazon Healthcare Website is your first health care exit, with a list of problems it can treat, like colds, allergies infections and not very serious injuries, as well as regular wellness services, vaccinations, and laboratory work. Patients may also benefit from sexual health programs such as abortion and screening for sexually transmitted infections. It also launched Transcribe Health, a medical transcription system that utilizes mobile and smart speaker-like machine learning. During a hospital appointment, the new service can be switched on and document the spoken doctor-patient conversations, transcribing them to digitally based format that becomes part of the patient’s online medical records. In the last months, Amazon had bought Health Navigator, a start-up focused on providing virtual health platforms to software and resources. The services it delivered was integrated into Amazon Care rapidly, becoming the foundation of its live chat and video apps. It is safe to conclude the mega-company is slowly building up the healthcare business steadily but consistently. It won’t be long before the company becomes a business power.