Rape Culture and sexual assaults and violence are very much common in India and often many of the sexual violence cases go unreported because sexual assault victims choose not to come forward about the trauma including guilt, embarrassment, fear of being judged and mistaken, family/friends reactions, victim-shaming, internal psychological barriers, and other external social factors. Only about 90 women each day find the courage to report that they have been sexually violated.

Noopur Tiwari told Quartz India, “Seeking help can be risky for survivors, and there are consequences of revealing one’s identity. Often, survivors have undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder that comes in the way of seeking help.”

Noopur Tiwari, an India-based independent journalist, decided to come forward and take a stand for the sexual assault victims. She launched the app on November 12th, named SMASHBOARD that is aimed to help the sexual assault victims and address the challenges faced by them through this new-age technological app. It is known as the ‘digital ally’ for men, women and non-normative gender survivors of sexual abuse. Smashboard uses Ethereum Blockchain to help privatize and encrypt messaging for users to make a secure online space for victims of sexual assault with the help of pseudo-anonymity. The app offers features like A Digital Ally, Survivor Support & Community, Privacy & Agency, User Identification, Time-Stamped Evidence, Q&A, Mapping, News & Analysis, and Insurance.

Although the app is currently available to people who own a smartphone and is only English, Spanish and french supported, the team and Tiwari are already working towards making it available in other Indian languages as well. The India launch will be followed by launches in Paris and Barcelona.

The non-profit project is powered by the underlying principles of intersectionality, mutualization of risk and gender justice. Building on the wave of activism that surfaced globally, following the #MeToo movement, Smashboard wants to utilize the latest tech advancements to aid and enable the fight against patriarchy.