National health networks are looking for creative ways and technology to capture demand while non-traditional rivals are trying to take away customers. 

Through pairing clients to physicians who suit their needs, Highmark Health in Pittsburgh is trying to make it easier for patients to find the right physician. Doctor Right for Highmark is part of a multi-stakeholder effort to increase patient intake and increasing waiting times for doctors and professionals to see.

“People are not necessarily sticking with their current doctor because they like their current doctor, but because moving is a real problem said Stacy Byers, vice president for customer experience of Highmark Health, said earlier this year at the AHIP conference in Nashville. For every other industry, except health care, it’s an on-demand world she mused.

Highmark became creative and and using innovative technology created a similar tool to online dating apps, allowing patients to select the attributes they were looking for in their next doctor and to connect them to the right match.

The health system has created its own TV ads which have been a joke of finding the right one. At Advocate Aurora Health, one of the largest health systems in Illinois, a major focus is on simplifying access to health care, especially for issues of low acuity. Advocate partnered with Microsoft to develop a symptom checker that enables patients to type in their symptoms and receive feedback on where to go and when in real time. 

Yet services are not the only ones to care to clients using software and technologies. Providers for coverage often fall into th