Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Health and Family Welfare Minister of the Union, attended the G20 Okayama Health Ministers ‘ Meeting in Okayama Region, Japan, October 19-20, 2019. The G 20 Health Ministers ‘ consultations centered on four major global health issues, namely (i) Implementation of Universal Health Coverage (ii) Population Aging Response (iii) Health Threat Reduction and Health Safety Management, and Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) and Containment. The Minister of Health of the Union made unique decisions on all of them. Hon’ble Prime Minister’s dream of’ Sab Ra Saath; Sab Ka Vikas; Sab Ka Vishwas’ of sustainable nutrition was demonstrated along with Ayushman Bharat, FIT India Movement and Eat Right Project. Union Minister of Health has confided that India is on its path to UHC and will make an important contribution to promoting UHC at the global level. He expressed the efforts made so far under the National Program for Elderly Health Care to provide long-term, robust, available, reliable and high-quality health care services to an aging population in G20 countries. He has listed public health interventions in his attempt to combat Dementia. He also informed G20 health ministers that India has made commendable strides in a short span of time by adopting a national action plan, setting up a national antimicrobial resistance surveillance system, and making a decision to contribute to global AMR R&D efforts. When voicing his worry regarding AMR, he called on all related UN organizations to comply with their efforts to fight antimicrobial resistance. The G20 Health Ministers ‘ conference concluded with the adoption of the G20 Health Ministers ‘ Okayama Declaration. The document, which includes 52 documents, endorses the G20 countries ‘ pledge to tackle the major global health issues as described above and pave the way for an equitable and prosperous environment as envisaged in the sustainable development agenda for 2030.