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Ayurved college in lead to improve immunity and treat patients

We have been hearing in news and on the net that the AYUSH Ministry along with many Ayurvedic institutions is on the front lead to fight coronavirus in India. Among these is the old Ayurveda college O H Nazar Ayurved College that is not not only helping to treat the positive patients but also working continuously to improve the immunity of the people.

When the pandemic started The Ayurved College which is a division of Swami Atmanand Sarawati Ayurved Hospital began preparing and distributing immunity strengthening decoctions and tablets. A seven-day decoction course along with tablets helps to improve immunity and was started this since 16 March. So far the college has distributed 1,381 liters of decoction in the containment zones through Surat Municipal Corporation.The institute has also supplied police workers that conduct their duties on an ongoing basis with 600 liters of decoction and tablets.

So far, 155 positive patients have been provided with Ayurvedic treatments and medicines and the results are good. Ayurvedic practitioners believe that prevention is the best method to fight the disease until a vaccine is found. Ayurveda specifies certain medicines that help to improve immunity and treat patients. 

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