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Ayurveda’s Prospective Development

In 2017, a detailed roadmap was established by the Confederation of Indian Industry and Frost & Sullivan to detail Ayurveda’s prospective development in 2022. Several Ayurveda pioneers such as Rajiv Vasudevan, the founder of the first Ayurveda hospital in India, AyurVAID, drafted the report. The study outlined India’s need to anchor and develop the Ayurveda brand. It said that for’ Ayurveda,’ a strong brand identity is a sine qua non for building the right recognition, market acceptance, and driving exponential development across it. Since the broader Ayurveda market is comprised of different sub-segments and with an international range of demand and supply for Ayurveda products and services covering casual leisure applications to the most stringent healthcare provision in hospital settings, supported by insurance/payers, myths exist about the true nature and reach of Ayurveda. But the study also cautioned critically that politicians and practitioners need to be vigilant that other countries around the world do not accept Ayurveda. In this context, the Center for Soft Power of the India Foundation took a small step to anchor the first-ever global initiative to celebrate Ayurveda Day in over 35 countries, at 150 plus locations and in collaboration with 60 plus global partner organizations, on October 25 this year, which coincides with Dhanwantri Day, in a synchronized manner. The project is headed by internationally renowned experts from Ayurveda and funded by the AYUSH Ministry and the Cultural Relations Council of India (ICCR). As part of this initiative, each site in each country will discuss ‘ Ayurveda in 2030 ‘ and undertake a joint undertaking.

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