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AYUSH remedies for combating coronavirus in Tamil Nadu

Thursday, the Tamil Nadu government launched Aarokyam, a special program proposing remedies provided by AYUSH Ministry for combating coronavirus in Tamil Nadu. These remedies were formulated by Dr. MGR Medical University’s vice-chancellor Sudha Seshayyan and some AYUSH experts. These guidelines were given by them for people to follow every day in their daily routines. By doing these, people can make their immune system strong and ready for infectious diseases. 

It is recommended that people should take 10 grams of kooshbanda Rasayana/agasthya Rasayana after food at least twice a day. In naturopathy systems, consumption of hot decoctions and bitter herbal juices made from ingredients such as ginger, tulsi, black pepper, adhimadhuram, turmeric should be done twice a day for adults and a 20ml dose for children daily. Yoga therapy can also help to make the body strong and fit by practicing vajrasana, bhastrika pranayama, bhramari pranayama, or quick relaxation asanas. 

G Shivaraman of National Institute of Siddha scientific advisory committee said that right now the need of the hour is building the strength of your immunity, for this, it is necessary to follow a better lifestyle, proper food habits and take nutraceuticals and traditional herbal medicine. Combating coronavirus in Tamil Nadu is done with AYUSH prevention techniques because the government believes that it is a holistic approach to lifestyle and diet management system that helps to build immunity by simple remedies.

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