In the past 25 years, breast and lung cancer on rise in India by a significant percentage, founder-president of Dharamshila Cancer Foundation and Research Centre said here on Thursday, adding that there is an emergence of enhancing availability and affordability of HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), Hepatitis vaccines and cancer screening all over the country.
Citing her research on cancer patients at DNH, Dr Khanna said that there are noticeable fluctuations in the trends this disease with a 39 per cent decline in cervical cancer cases to a 44 pc increase in both breast and lung cancer, which is mainly attributed to unhealthy lifestyle and toxic levels of airborne contaminants.
While the decrease in cervical cancer can be ascribed to vaccination, regular screening and low HPV—a common virus that generally affects the reproduction system, a combination of poor food habits and low physical activity in addition to alcohol and tobacco emerged to be an important cause for other cancers.
According to the GLOBOCAN 2018 report, the estimated incidence of lung cancer in India was 67,795 in all ages and both sexes. In 2018 alone, 1,62,468 new cases and 87,090 deaths were reported for breast cancer in India. UNI RHK SHK2152

lung cancer on rise