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Burden that medical providers will face in 2020

When customers become more accustomed to accessing healthcare services from non-traditional healthcare providers, companies with ample financial resources and brand equity that jump in to take advantage of the opportunities that traditional providers refuse to take. It is more and more becoming the burden that medical providers will face in 2020. Pressure will continue to develop on providers to create value by prioritizing and promoting openness, comfort, efficiency, and affordability through at-home care programs and resources.

Providers will do each of these items by implementing a business-based model based on a solid foundation where quality and cost knowledge is freely accessible and easy to interpret for customers, as well as where rewards are related to performance. A market-based business model often encourages a competitive environment, in which companies continually aim to offer more at a lower price, primarily because of these two factors.

Secondly, as scale rises, nimbleness falls; businesses scrambling to respond to change quickly. The rapid-fire changes that have occurred over the past 365 days illustrate clearly that horizontal expansion can not go on–big business literally can not keep up. This has brought us gradually back to what has been advocated for over 25 years: medical providers need to make the necessary, fundamental changes needed to deliver the high-quality, low-cost treatment that patients deserve.

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