Cardio-vascular diseases are a great threat to the Global Healthcare as the number of people suffering from them are increasing in huge numbers year-by-year. Prevention of these cardio-vascular diseases is also becoming difficult due to rising amount of pollution. But a hope that healthcare organizations can tackle this problem was given by Dr. Hemalatha, Director of the National Institute Of Nutrition (NIN), Hyderabad.

During her two day International Conference and live workshop on ‘Advanced International Cardiology’ organized by Yashoda Hospital at a private hotel on Saturday, Dr.Hemalatha said,”in diseases especially non-communicable disease, we have made great progress right from 1992. The data shows that we have reduced the disease burden by 36%, particularly maternal under-nutrition, improvement of their health, child under-nutrition and infectious diseases.”

Unfortunately, during the same time there has been a tremendous increase in non-communicable diseases including cardio-vascular diseases, mainly stroke and miocardio infection, said Hemalatha. According to WHO, 56.4 percent of the disease burden related to cardio-vascular is due to an unhealthy diet. So she stressed on the importance of healthy nutritious diet to keep the heart healthy, also giving information that in India, according to NIN majority of the rural and urban population consumes unhealthy diet like high carbohydrates and low protein foods.

She said that 80 percent of the cardio-vascular diseases like stroke, hypertension, and Miocardio Infection can be prevented and the incidence of cardio-vascular disease rising in the country can be stopped.