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Chat diagnosis: The latest wrinkle in healthcare

Cirrus ® and competitors such as98point6 and K Health provide message-based care of accidents and minor illnesses that a doctor’s office or hospital usually treats. Researchers claim researchers are even more useful than the online telemedicine already provided by many companies and insurers, since people who are used to Uber-like technology may write to a physician while driving a bus and sitting in a grocery store. The chat diagnosis is today becoming a topic of debate.

These services are accessed by millions of Americans. Through a push to improve access to care, keep patients healthy and limit expensive visits to emergency rooms, businesses are growing. But some physicians are concerned about the quality of care given by clinicians who will not visit their clients and may have a limited medical record to review when agreeing on medication as chat diagnosis is not always accurate.

Message-based care providers state they take steps to ensure security and, if appropriate, encourage in-person doctor visits. These companies note that not every case requires a thorough medical history. We also say doctors might not need vital signs like temperature or blood pressure, but if needed we can support patients by measuring them. If required, physicians can also ask for a video or telephone call.

Approximately 3 million people across the country have access to doctors through CirrusMD, mostly through coverage. The provider and company that offers the insurance pays for the program, enabling clients to speak to doctors without cost.

Sometimes what seems to be a small concern for a person is simply part of a larger problem that needs further evaluation and treatment, doctors say that choice is not beneficial.

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