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Children develop a rare inflammatory disease due to coronavirus

Britain’s Pediatric Intensive Care Society informed the National Health Service about “an unusual clinical picture” present in a small number of ill children. The organization also noted that most of the children with this new rare inflammatory disease have also been tested positive with COVID-19. The WHO officials said that they are investigating whether the coronavirus causes some children to develop this rare inflammatory disease.

It is believed that this condition was like toxic shock syndrome and Kawasaki disease. Toxic shock syndrome is an uncommon, life-threatening condition caused by bacteria entering the body and releasing toxins that cause damage. Kawasaki disease induces blood vessel swelling in the heart and primarily affects children below age 5. These descriptions of children in some of the European countries that have this rare inflammatory disease is said to be similar to Kawasaki syndrome, but nothing is proved yet. 

The WHO has been telling its global network of clinicians to be “on alert” around the world for these cases. Dr. Mike Ryan, executive director of the emergency program at the WHO, said that coronavirus, which is mainly a respiratory disease, affects more than just the lungs, it also induces inflammation and damages to tissue other than the lung tissue. They are in a position where physicians are studying what are the other consequences of this infection with coronavirus.

Minister for Health Matt Hancock told U.K. Radio station LBC he was “really concerned” about the latest stories of children exhibiting the new disorder. However, the disorder tends to be uncommon, the WHO stressed. This rare inflammatory disease is a new disease and is doubted to be caused by COVID-19 only on the basis that some children who got it were tested positive for COVID-19. Lots of research and scientific experiment is needed to prove this theory. Even though many of the children got it, the number is still small, so there is a chance to stop it from spreading more.

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