Smile Train India, the largest cleft charity in the world, supported Kohima’s two-day cleft surgery program to provide free treatment for children born with clefts. Shija Hospitals and Research Center, Imphal, in conjunction with Oking Hospital, Kohima, arranged the system for cleft surgery. Seven children were given free surgery throughout Nagaland on October 15 and 16. In addition to free treatment, patients are provided with free medicine and travel allowance. This marked the completion of the 39th cycle of the Nagaland Cleft Outreach Program of Smile Train affiliate Shija Hospital in partnership with Oking Hospital, Kohima, which was initiated in 2012 and through this collaboration supported 425 free cleft surgeries in Nagaland. Since 2000, through a network of 150 + hospitals, Smile Train India has been active in supporting free cleft treatment for children with clefts across India. Since 2006, Smile Train India and Shija Hospitals and Research Centre, Imphal has equipped Manipur and neighboring states with more than 3900 + cleft surgeries. In India, more than 35,000 babies are projected to be raised with clefts each year. Hundreds of thousands of children with untreated clefts live in isolation, but more significantly they have difficulty eating, breathing and talking as their parents are unable to afford the life-transforming cleft surgeries and intensive cleft treatment they need. The sustainable model of Smile Train India focuses on training and empowering local medical professionals in their own communities to provide cleft treatment. Through this sustainable model, Smile Train India, through a network of over 150 affiliate hospitals, has funded over 600,000 free cleft surgeries across India.