Clinikk ties up with gig economy companies to provide health insurance
Clinikk ties up with gig economy companies to provide health insurance

One-fourth of the Indians are reported to have been left outside the protection of health insurance which is not good for the Indian healthcare system. Many healthcare institutions and startups are taking initiatives to provide health insurance to the population of the country through various ways. Among such, is a Benguluru based health insurance provider ‘Clinikk’ that delivers medical and insurance services to people. Clinikk was founded by Kaur and orthopedic surgeon Suraj Baliga in 2016. Kaur herself a geologist working with MNC oil company. Clinikk usually ties up with service economy companies such as OLA, Uber, Porter, Swiggy, among others to provide health insurance their clients.

It operates on a pricing model where users pay a monthly fee for up to six members in a family, ranging from Rs 50 to Rs 500, covering their primary healthcare needs and medical insurance.Clinikk has a team of physicians and health assistants providing 24×7-based tele-consultations in 11 languages. The subscriber is directed to the nearest network hospital in the event of hospitalization.

Clinikk has developed a platform providing e-health profile, support for insurance claims, and discounted delivery of medicine and laboratory testing. Clinikk has partnered with major health insurers such as Aditya Birla, Magma and Religare to provide electronic payment hospitalization incentives in more than 5,500 country-wide empaneled hospitals covering more than 16,000 pin-codes. Since its founding, the healthcare startup had raised over $1 million in seed funding, which will be used to build a robust artificial intelligence (AI) engine to collect data more efficiently, standardize medical protocols and improve efficiency of doctors.

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