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Comic introduced by GoI to educate children about coronavirus

Everybody including the kids is scared of the virus that has now engulfed India in its absolute terror. While we adults have our share of knowledge about the deadly virus by reading the daily news and the preventive measures to save ourselves from the deadly coronavirus, kids remain confused. Often when kids ask their parents about the virus, they either brush them off or make up weird and many times superstitious stories. So the government of India along with the Ministry of Health released a comic titled “Kids, Vaayu and Corona” to educate children about coronavirus

This comic of twenty-two pages explains the symptoms and causes of the virus in colorful graphics and bold text conversation that attracts the kids to read them. Dr.Khaiwal, professor of Environment Health at PGIMER, Chandigarh with Dr.Suman Mor of Punjab University came up with the idea of creating this comic to educate children about coronavirus. This comic introduces a fictional hero named Vaayu, who happens to live in the Himalayan foothills. The superhero flies down to chat and teaches the children about coronavirus explaining to them what measures they can take to avoid getting infected by the virus.

More specifically, the comic also teaches children about past pandemics, such as the 2003 SARS outbreak. A look at the comic shows the hero, Vaayu, repeatedly telling kids not to worry and panic. He tells the kids that the virus can be easily defeated if we take preventive measures and follow them seriously. Ministry of Health is making sure that the comic reaches a maximum number of children in the country. The translation of the comic in various languages has also begun. But this comic isn’t just meant for kids, but for all age groups.   

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