As the Indian government is in the midst of ensuring greater inclusiveness under its health insurance program, Ayushman Bharat, with the assistance of Local start-ups and innovators, Deputy Permanent Representative Ambassador K Nagaraj Naidu, at the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), emphasized the need to embrace new digital technologies along with the effective use of traditional medicines as a way of improving healthcare

Naidu mentioned that the commercialization of health services could not be the only means of improving healthcare. He stressed the establishment of a robust public health system that, in effect, will also serve as a creditor for the private sector. He said sustainability is the key to making all parts of healthcare more accessible, which will also improve it to become more comprehensive and better. He highlighted that governments around the world must provide strategic guidance and synergies through health systems and provide strong opportunities for players in the private sector to ensure their involvement. He also stated that policymakers would make full use of the flexibilities of TRIPS (Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) to create, using generics and local manufacturing to fulfill the goals of public health.

Simultaneously, policymakers should maintain quality and price transparency for drugs and other technology, Naidu said. In addition, he has highlighted creative R&D collaborations and the use of rapidly evolving innovations, together with the effective use of traditional medicines to make the system more practical. Naidu also outlined Indian healthcare initiatives such as National Healthcare Protection, Eat Right, and Fit India, where public-private collaboration helped to accomplish the goal, and also proposed that the government go for a similar model.