As the number of coronavirus cases is on the rise in India, doubts about whether India’s Healthcare system can handle this global pandemic are in the air. But as slowly the government and healthcare system is tackling the coronavirus situation, their approach is being judged and the flaws of Indian Healthcare System and government are appearing. These flaws are:

Cow urine and homeopathy

One of the speakers of the BJP party suggested that coronavirus can be treated by drinking cow urine. Since then the internet broke and criticized the senses of the party. Also, the Ministry of Alternative Medicines (AYUSH) proposed that homeopathy can cure the virus. Later on, these proposals were dismissed by medical councils and WHO and many of the medical organizations disapproved of such claims. Some of the Ayurvedic practitioners claimed to offer miracle remedies against coronavirus.   

The dominance of the private healthcare system

Following 20 years of stagnating public health investment, infrastructure growth has been increasingly taken over by the private sector, to the point that less than one-third of illness cases are now being handled by public hospitals. 

Pharmaceutical needs

The government has restricted exports of about 20 products including protective equipment and some medical ingredients. However, 80-85% of the ingredients used in antibiotics are imported from China. And due to the lockdown in China, it is difficult to obtain these materials.

India is the home to 1.3 billion people and if the rise in the coronavirus cases continues at the same rate and with the flaws of Indian Healthcare System it will be difficult for the Indian Healthcare System to handle the crisis and sustain it