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Come join our "Learn as you Teach" initiative to democratise healthcare learning by submitting your unique & interesting Case-Studies which will be reviewed by our global medical fraternity as well as an opportunity to be published in leading research journals.

About this Course

Welcome to - Certificate course on
"Menopause Management, an Executive Guide, 2017."
Menopause management has always been surrounded with controversies. Many doctors are not aware of the recent advances in hormone therapy. They have been many queries about when to start and when to stop hormone therapy, which molecule to choose, what dose of the drug should be given, what investigations are essential before starting hormone therapy. We are hoping all these questions will be answered in this Couse module. The experts from IMS have created this module to train doctors online. We will cover menopause basics, recent literature and evidence, Position statements co-morbidities at menopause and the principles of hormone therapy with a special reference to Indian setting as per IMS guidelines published and updated in 2015.

Read More Minimum requirement for this Course MBBS Degree.

We wish you all the very best and success in this certificate course.

Course Title Lead Duration
President's message 
  Dr. Suvarna Khadilkar 2 minutes
Module 1
Understanding Menopause Basics
Dr. Ratna Bali Chakraborti,
(President Elect)
30 minutes
Module 2 Screening and Managing Co-Morbidities around Menopause
Dr. Jyoti Unni (Past President)
30 minutes
Module 3 MHT Today Evidence to Practice
Dr. Suvarna Khadilkar (Crruent President)
30 minutes
Module 4
Practical Prescribing Guide
Dr. Meeta Singh
(Past President)
30 minutes
Qualified MCQs Case Scenarios and Discussion 10 - MCQs
30 minutes

Meet the instructor

Course Staff Image #1

Prof. Suvarna Khadilkar

PG. Diploma in Endocrinology (South Wales, UK)
President, Indian Menopause Society, 2017
National Convenor, Concept -and technical expert, Online course.

Course Staff Image #2

Dr. Meeta Singh

MD, Obstetric & Gynecology
President - 2012, Indian Menopause Society
Founder Secretary Indian Menopause Society, Hyderabad.
Course Director.

Course Staff Image #1

Dr. Jyoti Unni

President - 2013
Indian Menopause Society
Course Lead.

Course Staff Image #2

Dr. Ratnabali Chakravorty

President - Elect of IMS 2018
Founder Secretary of India Menopause Society, Kolkata
Course lead.

Trained Faculty Names

Dr. Dillp Gadhavi, Dr. Sushma Baxi, Dr. Deepak Bhagde, Dr. Kanchan sorte, Dr. Jignesh, Dr. Jyoti Jaiswal, Dr. Parag Biniwale, Dr. Tripura Sundari, Dr. Anju Soni, Dr. Nirmala Pipara, Dr. Deepa Kapoor,
Dr. Revathy Janakiram, Dr. Nita Dalal, Dr. Bharati Morey, Dr. Sanchita Dashora, Dr. Jyothika A. Desai,
Dr. N. Hephzibah, Dr. Kirubamani, Dr. Valsan M. K, Dr. Geeta Mediratta, Dr. Ragini Agarwal.