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Global Healthcare Summit 2017- CEO Forum


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AAPI - Global Healthcare Summit

Background: AAPI is pleased to announce the Sixth Healthcare CEO and Leadership Session. The very exclusive Sixth “Healthcare CEO Forum” scheduled for Dec. 30, 2017 from 10.00AM to 1.00PM at the J W Marriott Hotel, Kolkata, West Bengal. This Special session will include 30 Leaders, CEO’s and Senior Executives from various segments of healthcare and participating associations who are meeting to engage in a solution oriented discussion on the very important topic of “Access to HealthCare”.

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AAPI has extended and received confirmation from several invited Leaders, Industry Experts and Ministry of Health Officials are invited to Co-Chair this strategically important forum designed to develop creative and practical India centric solutions towards improving access to healthcare from all key stakeholders.

We would like to hear from leaders and participating CEO’s on what their plans are and how will they overcome challenges from an India and West Bengal perspective. There will be experts from the United States, India, Canada and United Kingdom. The output will be a white paper with key recommendations to both the Union and State Ministry for Health & Family Welfare.

The key solutions driven discussion will focus on the following elements:

1. Prevention and Wellness.
2. Access to basic healthcare services.
3. Addressing shortage of skilled healthcare professionals.
4. Role of allied healthcare professionals.
5. Improving access and availability of cost effective pharmaceutical, devices, integrative medicine and technological interventions that are India centric.
6. Addressing challenges from Vector-borne diseases.
7. Access to clean water and health and hygiene.