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Polymyxin B – New frontiers In The Management of Multidrug Resistant Infections


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About this Course

The polymyxin antimicrobials with a specific focus on polymyxin B although quite old in nature are playing an increasingly important role as last line treatment agents for their extensively drug resistant gram negatives.Traditionally colistin has been viewed as the preferred polymyxin antibiotic but increasingly new data are emerging suggesting that polymyxin B has several advantages over Kalista

We will discuss several of these data and also the positioning of polymyxin B in terms of antibiotic therapy options for treatment of resistant gram negatives, the clinical efficacy of polymyxin B versus colistin and also comparative toxicity profiles of these two agents finally we will focus on the future role of the polymixins in an increasingly complex world of animal resistance several new antimicrobial agents are becoming available that have activity against resistant gram negatives but new and challenging resistance mechanisms continue to emerge among pathogens.

Thus the polymyxins have not only an important role in today's healthcare but likely will be important therapeutic agents in the near and distant future.

Meet the Instructor

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Dr. Keith S. Kaye

Professor,University of
Michigan Medical School, Boston..