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“Choosing between Polymyxins: Polymyxin B vs Polymyxin E (Colistin)”

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About This Course

Structure and overview of polymyxin E (colistin) and polymyxin B.
Discuss dosing including loading dose.
Comparing colistin and poly b- should one be preferred?
* Pk and pd
* Efficacy – clinical data
* Toxicity

Polymyxin mono vs combo therapy
* Inhalational use
* Intrathecal use
Role of polymyxins in age of newer agents with activity against xdr gnb
Future use of polymyxins, unanswered questions and research needs.

Speaker Title Time
Dr. Sai Prasad Patil
5 minutes
Dr. Keith S. Kaye “Choosing between Polymyxins: Polymyxin B vs Polymyxin E (Colistin)”
35 minutes
Speakers Discussion Q/A
20 minutes

Meet the Instructor

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Dr. Keith S. Kaye

Professor University of Michigan Medical School,