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Share your Case Studies

Come join our "Learn as you Teach" initiative to democratise healthcare learning by submitting your unique & interesting Case-Studies which will be reviewed by our global medical fraternity as well as an opportunity to be published in leading research journals.

World Heart Day

Lupin CVN will be celebrating "World Heart Day" and Celebrate it through the week from 25th Sept to 29th Sept 2017

Lupin CVN's initiative aims to leverage technology and reach out to more than 5000 doctors pan India through a technology based paltform - Lets Connect To Care initiative. Let's Connect To Care is a dedicated online user-friendly platform for Doctors that ensures effective transfer of information & knowledge at ease. During this week, 5 interesting topics will be presented by different renowned Key Opinion Leaders of the speciality


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Date – 25th Sept 2017

Speaker :- Dr. K Jai Shankar

MD. DM(Card)
Senior Consultant Cardiologist.
The Madras Medical Mission - Chennai

Topic :- Paradigm Shift in Hypertension

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Date–26th Sept 2017

Speaker :- Dr. G. Vijayaraghavan

MD, DM, FRCP (Edin. & Lon) FACC, FACP
Professor and Head of the Cardiology at Trivandrum Medical College, Vice Chairman & Founder Director of the Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences.
Trivandrum ,Kerala

Topic :- Iron Deficiency in Heart Failure

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Date – 27th Sept 2017

Speaker :- Dr. Prashant Jagtap

M.D., D.M., F.A.C.C., F.S.C.A.I., F.C.S.I.
Sr. Consultant-Interventional Cardiologist - Wockhardt Hospital Nagpur.

Topic :- The Myth of the “Vulnerable Plaque”

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Date – 28th Sept 2017

Speaker:- Dr. Mohan Bhargava

Sr. Consultant & Interventional Cardiologist - Max Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi.

Topic :- Statin in ACS and Beyond.

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Date – 29th Sept 2017

Speaker :- Dr. Anil Kumar

DM (Cardiology), FRCP (London), FACC (USA)
Interventional Cardiologist & Consultant Cardiologist - Bombay Hospital, Mumbai.

Topic :- Arni from Neurohormonal inhibition to Neurohormonal modulation.