Finding weak links across computer networks and outdated and unpatched software, hackers are stealing data and selling them on the dark web for the price of a cup of coffee. Serious cyber criminals can cause worse damage, experts say.
Besides causing huge financial losses, cyber criminals target healthcare industry, where security threats could impact the lives of patients in hospitals. “Data is sick. Cyber security threats have emerged as a disease for the health sector,” said Stephan Neumeier, Managing Director of cyber security security firm Kaspersky’s Asia-Pacific Region.
“If cyber criminals target healthcare, this could leave an healthcare organisation in losses of up to $23.3 million,” he said, quoting a report.

Stephan said that training the human resources in basics of cyber security is very important to keep tabs on the cyber criminals. “The hospitals should also pay close attention to the security preparedness of the third party players that they depend on for various services,” he said.