One billion medical records, which include X-rays, ultrasounds and CT scans belonging to patients in the United States, were exposed to the public in 2019, TechCrunch reported. According to TechCrunch, medical records of patients belonging to the U.S were left vulnerable and open to the public in 2019. This also contained data on the X-ray, ultrasounds and CT scans of the people.

Heading the research department at CybetMDX, Elad Luz remarked that that took place because of hospitals and medical centers being flawed with the configuration of their data infrastructure and handling medical technology without ensuring the protection of privacy. This problem did not occur because of a hack or breech, he added.

The company served Isreal’s national security and spend careers while protecting the interest of the public. With this experience in hand, it was not difficult for CyberMDX’s founders to find security gaps generated by mishandling medical technology. According to Luz, it was found that of the 24 million exposed sets of data worldwide, the U.S is responsible for about 14 million data sets. Consequently, in the U.S. a minimum of 10 hospitals in the states fell into a position where they had to turn away patients because they were unable to deliver uncompromised medical care as an outcome of cyberattacks, mentioned Luz. Of all the breaches taking place in the U.S., about 70% of it is hosted by the healthcare industry.

This can be controlled by securing the servers with a firewall as they would prove effective to block access to unknown servers and external endpoints. Luz also advises the medical IT department to close all unnecessary operational ports, particularly the ones used for the transfer of medical information. It would play in favor of the hospital to restrict out-of-network communications and keep it secured through virtual private networks