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Depression can lead to 20 Unrelated Diseases

The new study assessed the genetic risk factors of major depression can lead to more than 900 other diseases; the research team found that having poor mental health isn’t always a consequence of serious illness – it can be directly responsible for it.
In the context of the analysis, genes predisposed individuals to a serious illness affecting just about every system in the body. These include such diverse conditions as asthma, high cholesterol, gastroenteritis, oesophagitis, urinary system disorders, and even infections from E.coli.
The study also highlighted potential sensitivities and adverse reactions to some drugs, suggesting a strong need to monitor prescriptions for individuals with a diagnosis of major depressive disorder.
Exactly how genes for depression can lead to unrelated diseases might lay the groundwork for developing a range of other diseases isn’t clear. It’s clear that finding better ways to treat and prevent the effects of depression without putting us at risk of other conditions is becoming more important than ever.


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