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Basic Oral Surgery


General Dentistry, oral surgery

Expected publication: 09/2022 1st Edition 2022

Andreas Filippi / Fabio Saccardin / Sebastian Kühl (Editor)

Published by : Quintessence


Practical oral surgery skills – from tooth removal and plastic coverage to surgical tooth removal, tooth-preserving surgery, soft tissue surgery, and implant surgery – are often neglected in dental school education or are only taught postgradually. However, it is precisely these skills that are necessary for every dentist to be able to perform the many minor procedures in general dental practice without raising blood pressure and breaking out in a sweat. This book deals exclusively with the basic oral surgical procedures that are necessary on a daily basis in the dental office. The clinical chapters are all identically divided into indications, contraindications (absolute, temporary), specific risks, local anesthesia step-by-step clinical procedure, wound care and closure, and postoperative controls. The text is supplemented by only a few relevant references. The chapters thrive on the series of images as well as videos linked in the book that can be viewed via QR codes using a smartphone or tablet. In this combination, the book is intended to give students, early career professionals, and practitioners more confidence before, during, and after oral surgical interventions.

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Edition Expected publication: 09/2022 1st Edition 2022


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