Rising costs, changing mandates and the complexities of practice management are forcing doctors into dilemma to make difficult decisions from a business standpoint. Doctors’ incomes are higher than in most professions, but so is the cost of the medical school, especially for specialists. With six-figure debts incurred by medical students at the inception of their careers, the preference for steady employment over business ownership is becoming an attractive option.

Where private practices used to be able to rely on a small staffs of two or three, now there is a need also for IT specialists and committed tech professionals to maintain expensive systems. Many small practices can’t keep up. Being part of a hospital allows physicians who choose so to alter their schedule or possibly job-share if that is something they choose. Health care systems have the resources available to provide care across the entire spectrum, including sub-specialized care. A lot of the studies have shown that the outcomes of care for patients are actually better in teaching hospitals than in non-teaching hospitals leading doctor into dilemma on future of medicine in India.

The shift from private practice to large health care organization employee is being fed so strongly by economic, technological and medical insurance factors. These factors appear inevitable with the vast majority as now doctors into dilemma will ultimately end up employees at large health care organizations. The goal is to make sure that the new, larger system works and continues to work for patients and physicians through increased care and lower physician burnout and rates of depression.