Long hours at work, stressful situations with handling patients and their caregivers, less time for personal interests can affect the doctors more common than it is talked about. Doctors undergoing depression have often been found not option for any medical treatment.

A survey conducted on 200 physicians who had experienced depression in their careers concluded only a third of them chose professional help. However, most don’t seek any medical guidance. Doctors undergoing depression often deny this medical condition and avoid any medical treatment. This can be attributed to the stigma attached to mental health and depression, which when combined with a doctor, is seen to be detrimental to his/her career. Indian healthcare needs to evolve and take care of its doctors too in the process.

It has also been found doctors hardly opting treatment by psychologist, they usually check out on self – medication or go on binge eating.

Most often due to very busy work schedule, doctors don’t get enough time to visit a therapist or psychiatrist. They also feel requesting absence in practice might adversely effect their clinical work. More over doctors are very embarrassed and weak to disclose about depression to their colleagues or other fellow resident doctors, which results in carrying over the depression load.