Director General of Indian Council of Medical research (ICMR), Dr. Balram Bharava spoke about India’s condition in the field of herbal medicines and ageing and effect of natural products on the molecular aspects during the inaugural function of World Conference of Natural Products at National Institute of Nutrition (NIN). He said that India needs to still work a lot to keep up with China in terms of developing herbal medicines for various kinds of diseases.Mr. Balram also briefed about how the country has made tremendous success in developing generic drugs but simultaneously has not been able to do the same in the field of phyto-pharmaceuticals, which are popularly known as herbal medicines. “With the recent law related to phyto-pharmaceuticals approved by USFDA in 2005 and by GOI in 2015-16, we have to catch up for lost time and use the herbal medicines to develop new drugs for various ailments. China has done phenomenally well since 2007 in this field and has managed to get 15 products licensed,” he said.

Another health topic to be featured in the conference is ageing and the effect of natural products on the molecular aspects. He spoke about molecular knowledge and how ageing can interact with disease and food effects. Furthermore, the regulatory constraints for food / additives / cosmetics / pharmaceuticals that are completely different will be discussed.

Over 1,000 delegates with many international speakers from United Kingdom, France, USA, Switzerland, Germany, Brazil, Japan, China and, the scientists from ICMR, CSIR, DBT, DST, INSA, DRDO, AYUSH, FSSAI, ICAR, MoEF& CC participated in the conference.