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Essential Tests to be done before Marriage

There is one really important aspect of a happy and healthy marriage that is often ignored — the couple’s wellbeing. It is important to be aware of the medical status of your spouse, which is why these tests should be done before the marriage. A test for infertility was built to let you learn about reproductive safety and sperm count. Because there are no obvious signs of infertility these measures are necessary if the pair decide to have a kid in the future or even have a normal sex life. If the couple is preparing to conceive a child, getting the same Rh function (Rhesus factor) is important. It can cause problems during delivery if their blood groups are not compatible with each other. For the second child, an incompatibility with Rh can be lethal as it is a disease in which the antibodies in the blood of a pregnant woman kill the blood cells of her newborn. It’s crucial to get checked before it gets too late for these chronic medical conditions. Breast cancer, colon cancer, kidney disease, and diabetes are some of the illnesses that should be checked for. Early detection can also help in getting appropriate treatment for these diseases. Checking of sexually transmitted diseases for both parties is a smart idea. Other illnesses include HIV / AIDS, gonorrhea, tuberculosis, syphilis and hepatitis C. Because some of these illnesses are life-threatening and can last for a lifetime, an STD check must be done. This may even change the course of the marriage and safe the spouse from sudden psychological and physical trauma so get these tests done before marriage.

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