The Union Home Ministry on Friday announced such people visiting India can avail treatment without visa anywhere in the country. The rule will not be applicable in case of organ transplant for which medical visa is prerequisite.

The ministry said in a statement that indoor treatment may now be taken on primary (original) visa for pre-existing diseases, which the foreigner may have been suffering from even before his or her entry into India and for ailments that were in his or her knowledge.

The decision has been taken as some foreigners who are already in India on valid visas, were facing difficulties in availing medical treatment in the event of their falling sick during their stay.
They were being advised by some hospitals or medical centres to get their visas converted into medical visas before getting admitted, the statement said.
The Home Ministry said a foreigner suffering from a minor medical condition, which needs only OPD consultation or treatment, may take treatment at any hospital or treatment without medical visa, they can just show his or her primary visa.