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Growth of digital health platforms and a new age in healthcare

The coronavirus pandemic has supercharged the demand for digital health services. Online consultations and medicine booking has given rise to the growth of digital health platforms and boosted the growth of health start-ups that was once stagnant before the entry of coronavirus. Countries around the world are trying to move healthcare delivery to the internet, facilitate telemedicine, encourage online reservations for medication, and use chatbots to respond to patient queries. 

Big digital health platforms like Practo, 1mg, Medlife, PharmaEasy, Netmeds are registering increasing interest of online patients and people. These companies have entirely shifted their work management system to match the growing needs of people during the lockdown. Government, people, and even doctors who once saw telemedicine as a non-essential service are now embracing it. 

Volumes of online consultations and online medicine booking have also caused additional costs to the e-health services. These extra expenses include paying doctors to visit all of its fulfillment centers, arranging masks and sanitary facilities, offering free doctor consultations to operations and logistics staff, and paying for their transportation due to a public transport ban. Also, Health care startups are entering new businesses to capitalize on rising customer interest. 

So far this growth of digital health platforms had lagged behind in the market due to the dominance of e-commerce, transportation, and food delivery. But slowly healthcare digital services are rising and are expected to boom the most after and during the pandemic. Entrepreneurs and investors are expected to invest majorly in spaces like nutrition and fitness, health insurance, digital therapeutics, and healthcare lending.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a change in the attitude of the government, doctors, patients, and pharmaceutical companies. This change is laying the foundation for a new age of healthcare where telemedicine and the use of the internet for healthcare delivery will be common backed by technology and innovations.

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