Sanjeevani clinics were inaugurated in Bhopal Gwalior and Indore on Saturday to bring primary health care facilities closer to home. The clinics are in line with the Mohalla Clinic of Delhi and Telangana’s Basti Dawakhana. The new clinic set up in Priyadarshini Nagar, Char Imli Area of Bhopal was inaugurated by PC Sharma, Minister of Public Relations. He said,” The idea is to transform healthcare through innovation and technology.” He also informed that their aim is to open 88 such clinics across the state by the end of the fiscal year. The clinic will be managed by a doctor, laboratory technician, staff nurse along with a pharmacy that will dispense medicines, free of cost. A mobile tablet with customized software will be used by the staff for the administration. These clinics will provide general OPD service, antenatal care and screen for ailments like cancer and many others. The facilities at these clinics will be available from 10am to 6pm.

As said by a consultant with Sanjeevani Clinic, every process will be paperless means from registration to patient follow-up everything will be done digitally. Patient data will be made available to the health department, allowing them to track and control the incidence of disease in specific areas.

Dr Sudhir Dheriya, Chief Medical and Health Officer said,”We have requested the government to provide buildings which were used by the Bhopal gas relief and rehabilitation department. BMC and others have also been requested to provide space for Sanjeevani Clinic. Bhopal will have 23 Sanjeevani clinics by March.

Provisions such as screening, testing and registration of patients with NCD including hypertension, diabetes and oncology will be given. Sixty-eight types of diagnostics with 120 medicines will be available and provided at the clinics.