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Healthcare challenges in India addressed by the President

On Friday, President Ram Nath Kovind called for a multi-stakeholder approach to resolve healthcare challenges due to the country’s threefold burden of communicable, non-communicable and emerging diseases. Admitting that malnutrition and neglected tropical diseases imposed severe constraints on people, the president informed that cleanliness and sanitation were the fundamental requirements to address many health-related problems and diseases.

“Though we have achieved a lot over the years, we are challenged by communicable, non-communicable and emerging diseases. We need to improve access to health services for the people,” said Kovind at a foundation stone-laying event in Karnataka’s Varuna village near Mysuru.

Speaking at the occasion of a huge gathering at the village’s JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research, the President said “Policies need to be broad-based and multi-pronged to address the health challenges. Stakeholders should use the strength and traditional knowledge of modern medicine. We need to focus on body and mind and engage in prevention and treatment.”

The President is on a three-day visit to the southern state since Thursday to participate in various educational, religious and judicial functions at Mysuru and Bengaluru on Saturday. Kovind also visited the Hindu goddess Chammundeshwari Devi temple atop a hill on the outskirts of Mysuru

The President said the healthcare challenges were a fallout of the larger socio-economic problems across the country.

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