Healthcare accessibility in India needs more doctors, as we quite less number of doctors. Currently the country needs around 20 lakhs to keep the population in the pink, but we only have around half the number. India produces around 30,000 medical graduates every year, which means that we will not be able to close the gap in 40 years.

According to the World Health Organization, Indian-trained doctors constitute 9 percent of all registered doctors in the UK and more than 50,000 Indian doctors serve half the UK population, according to an association of Indian-origin doctors in Britain.

Medical graduates from the reserved category are more inclined to work in India than general-category graduates. More than 70 per cent of dalits and tribals who graduated from AIIMS in this period still work in India.
Doctors say the most significant new change is section 32 of the new legislation, which allows 3.5 lakhs unqualified medical practitioners to practice modern medicine. The infusion of these new ‘doctors’ is supposed to bridge the yawning demand-supply gap in India’s health care system however it has done more damage than good.

But still India needs more doctors to achieve the doctor to patient ratio as suggested by WHO (World Health Organization)