In this world where people first consult google for medical care before they go to a real doctors, various medical organisations have come up with new online systems where they can cure their patients so that they are provided with safe and proper treatments. Companies like CirrusMD, 98point6 and K Health provide special message-based service where the patient can get treatment for minor injuries or illness quickly via text. Such type of services are growing and appreciated by the people because it keeps the patients healthy and limits the expensive emergency room visits. 

Dr. Anna Nguyen, an emergency physician at CirrusMD recently treated her five patients merely by sitting in her dining room. She helped a pregnant woman by giving her physical therapy recommendations to handle her hip pain and through the emergency messaging system she examined a Michigan man’s sore throat. She also helped a Colorado man who hurt his back.

Dr. Nguyen also handled the case of a 6 year old who had fever along with diarrhea.

Nguyen said she enjoys this type of work because it gives her more time with patients.“I think patients will like it a lot because most really hate going to their doctor,” she said.