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Healthcare of the world should be a basic human right

The independent international World Economic Forum that takes place in Davos is an annual gathering that is committed to improving the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic and other leaders in reshaping the economic agenda. In a press issue released on Tuesday, UNAIDS Executive Director Winnie Byanyima said that the right to health “is eluding the poor and people trying to lift themselves out of poverty are being crushed by the unacceptably high costs of healthcare”, with at least half the world’s population unable to access essential health services.

The following are the issues discussed in the forum are:

Girls and Women are the most unsafe in the world

Every two minutes a woman dies while giving birth, said the agency, while 6000 women around the world every week are victimized by HIV. Stigma and discrimination denies almost every woman around the world their right to health. “Publicly financed health care is the greatest equalizer in society,” said Ms. Byanyima. “When health spending is cut or inadequate, it is poor people and people on the margins of society, especially women and girls, who lose their right to health first, and they have to bear the burden of caring for their families.”

Governments around the world are improving

Thailand has managed to reduce mortality rates for children under the age of five, to 9.1 per 1000 live births, while in the United States of America the rate is 6.3 per 1000 live births. South Africa had just 90 people on antiretroviral therapy in 2000, but in 2019 had more than 5 million on HIV treatment. The country now has the largest HIV treatment program in the world. As such many governments around the world are taking global health issues seriously and are providing them the attention they require. Governments must realize that delivering healthcare for all is not a political choice but a human right.

Problems due to Tax prices

The agency also confirms that tax avoidance on the part of the top one percent, and the wealth that they control, continues to deny resources to healthcare the world over. “It is unacceptable that rich people and big companies are avoiding taxes and ordinary people are paying through their ill-health,” said the UNAIDS chief. “Big companies must pay their fair share of taxes, protect employee rights, provide equal pay for equal work and provide safe working conditions for all, especially women.”

Africa bearing the debt burden

The agency also brought attention to the debt that is posing a serious threat to Africa’s economy, health, and development that is resulting in withdrawal from social spending that is happening for debt payment. In Zambia, there was a 27% drop in healthcare investments and an increase of debt servicing by 790% between 2015 and 2018. Similar trends were seen in Kenya, where debt servicing increased by 176% and health investments declined by 9% between 2015 and 2018.

Rights should be given not denied

The major reason for ill health around the world is the denial of basic human rights under which healthcare is a must. The main problems that lead to a crack in the healthcare system are the lack of protection against domestic violence, same-sexual marriages are a crime including formal rights to healthcare, including hospitals and insurance access.

The agency exposed the degrading conditions of people living with HIV, gay men and other men who have sex with men, sex workers, people who inject drugs, transgender people, migrants, refugees and the poor. They claimed that the poor have to always struggle for basic healthcare which is a big issue in the system of every economy. Healthcare of the world should always be amongst the pirorities of both government and heatlcare organisations.




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