Recently Kerala topped the chart as the best state in healthcare system by the health index launched by NITI Aayog. But can we believe that patients in Kerala are still not happy with the healthcare in the state? Because, they believe the doctors don’t spend much time on each patient. As per one study, a doctor in India spends on an average 2-3 minutes per patient which is way less than what a doctor does in the USA. 

This is because we have a weak primary healthcare system. For even a small problem, we rush to a specialist who then ends up not giving enough time to the patients who need his attention. We need to bring back the concept of having a ‘family doctor’ who would know our medical history, our family’s medical details as well, and will refer us to a specialist if the need be. This will empty the calendars of specialists to give time where it is really needed and also will bolster the primary health care system.