HealthCube ranked among the top four in the telemedicine group |
HealthCube ranked among the top four in the telemedicine group

An indigenously developed medical care app, HealthCube, ranked among the top four in the telemedicine group in this year’s MedTech Breakthrough Award, winning electronic health competition, lets clinicians get their blood test, blood pressure control, and ECG tests in a matter of minutes. Even in the absence of electricity and the web, the computer, which is the size of a laptop, will conduct about 40 critical tests. The whole premise behind the device’s creation is that there are not enough doctors worldwide. In India, there is one physician for every 1,500 men, and the number is decreasing in rural areas, where on average there is one doctor for every 20,000 residents. Such a system can be controlled by an individual who has reached the 8th grade,  said HealthCube creator Ramanan Laxminarayan and the U.S. Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy Creator-Director. The system will conduct on-the-spot checks and measure blood pressure, blood glucose, oxygen saturation, hemoglobin, ECG, uric acid concentrations, and diseases such as measles, dengue, syphilis, etc. within 10 seconds to 5 minutes. Today, up to 22 states in India use HealthCube in primary health centers. It is also possible to save the information in the system on the internet and show an epidemiological image of a location in real-time. Dr. Jugal Kishore, Head of Community Medicine at Safdarjung Hospital, also validates a system capable of carrying out point-of-care trials in remote locations

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