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Healthware to continue its power expansion

In tandem with later medical studies, an early introduction to computer science through the Commodore 64 placed Roberto Ascione on the road of merging healthcare and tech. He tells Dominic Tyer how this background has led to his agency. Healthware being formed and continues to drive its expansion. Medicine has been immensely changed in a sequence of developments in innovation over the past two decades that display few signs of slowing down. To Roberto Ascione, Healthware Group CEO, offering online health solutions is in the DNA of his business and continues to drive their work. Healthware was established in 1997 in Naples, Italy when the end game Robe added value to medicine.

From intense early days spent coding to its subsequent development into an international digital agency, Healthware has been “really bold about digital health” for the past five years, Roberto says.

Many people might have regarded medicine and technology as separate entities when Healthware was set up, with little evidence that the web would generally become so dominant and influential in health care. Healthware was then at the epicenter of that transition, with its roots in medicine and technology. 

According to Roberto, to improve health quality, their central goal is to harness digital technologies. They believe that new technologies are vital forces behind healthcare conversion, but they don’t see a future of’ techno-medicine,  as they believe it’s going to be about a much more humanized healthcare.

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