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Himachal Pradesh: the best place to learn Ayurveda

A large number of US professionals, including doctors, have made Himachal Pradesh a new destination to practice India’s centuries-old medicine system, boosting local tourism. Several Indian-American Ayurvedic doctors in America are trying to encourage Americans to adopt Ayurveda and yoga to revive their bodies, and one of them is Dr. Naina Marballi. With whose help, a large number of Americans pursue Ayurveda, from Hollywood celebrities to doctors and businessmen. To research courses, she takes her students to Himachal and her students further teach their students this ancient medicine method. She mentioned that Himachal has the capability to become the national wellness capital due to its pleasant weather and scenic locations. As a result, in Himachal, a large number of Ayurveda centers and spas are coming up due to the demand from Indian and foreign tourists. Alexandra Martynova, Russia’s only student, said she chose to learn Ayurveda because Western medicines are used to cure a specific disease, but Ayurveda heals the entire body before any disease attacks the body. Iwona Harris, a U.S. scholar, said that Himachal Pradesh is the best place to learn Ayurveda as it was in ancient times that Ayurveda developed, hence making it a center of attraction for Ayurveda enthusiasts.

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