Asthma is an airway chronic condition. It is a serious medical condition that inflames and narrows the airways in the lungs. This makes good ventilation hard for a patient and causes certain signs such as coughing or wheezing. The biggest problem with this condition is that it is incurable, only the effects can be treated. The person is issued with inhalers for traditional treatment, which is to be used when an asthma attack occurs But, as homeopathy uses natural products to treat a disease, many people believe that it can also be quite effective in treating asthma.

Numerous studies were conducted to examine the effects of homeopathy for signs of asthma, which had mixed results. In a 2004 Cochrane literature study, it was reported that there is not much evidence available to accurately determine the effectiveness of asthma homeopathy. In another 2018 survey of 140 people, it was found that adding homeopathic remedies to the usual treatment of asthma is more successful than regular therapy.

Allergens such as spores, dust mites, and fungus are the most causes of asthma. Irritants in the atmosphere, such as fire, perfumes, and additives, extreme weather and asthma can also be caused. There are some important homeopathy medicines used to treat Asthma, such as Aconite, Baccilinum, Sambucus nigra, Ipecacuanha, Medorrhinum, Natrum sulphuricum etc.  Please note that these medicines should not be taken without prescription