Although 3D technology has become a standard of retinal procedures, it has yet to become normal in anterior segment surgery. That will shift as surgeons become aware of the advantages that a 3D device provides. Software is currently available (NGenuity, Alcon) (Artveo 300, Zeiss) that uses 3D glasses to have 4 K 3D visualization. Alcon’s system uses a digital system which processes and displays images afterward. 

3D technology will benefit eye surgery and different eye-related problems. Dr. Brissette, assistant professor of ophthalmology, Weill Corneal Medicine and New York-Presbyterian Hospital, New York, informed that The three unique advantages of 3D technology are visualization, ergonomics, and education, The last has become especially important in anterior segment surgery using the 3D heads-up systems.  

The Zeiss device is one of digital optics incorporated with intraoperative optical coherence tomography for corneal surgery and will incorporate digital overlays for toric alignment in cataract surgery, explained Dr. Brissette.