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Technologies are reshaping pharma marketing in India

The advent of digital technologies, social media, are reshaping pharma marketing in India. This whole new culture of evolving direct marketing, marketers associated with pharmaceutical and healthcare industries in India are exploring new ways to reach out to not only business partners but consumers as well.
‘Healthcare Advertising Expenditure Forecasts 2019’ report by Zenith indicates that India is the fastest-growing market when it comes to spends on healthcare, surging at an average of 26 per cent a year between 2018 and 2021. The report also states that rising incomes and increased access to health insurance are making healthcare more accessible and encouraging a more direct-to-consumer marketing of healthcare products and services.
Contextual communication for pharma marketing in India becomes a necessary tool, and there is larger scope for innovative, creative marketing to be done across the entire marketing sphere of digital, social, ATL as well as BTL.
Online platforms such as Curofy, DocPlexus, Practo, Medshr, Lybrate, Healtho5 Solutions, DocMode, myhCue and Docquity are helping doctors communicate with their peers. Online pharmacies such as Netmeds, 1 mg, Pharmeasy are offering stiff competition to the traditional high street pharmacies. Communication through various channels, some borrowed from other industries like advertisements, information leaets, etc. but more importantly, seminars, ISPs (international speaker programmes), camps has been adopted in recent years

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