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How Often Should You Get A Mammogram?

Although most people are aware of breast cancer, the frequency of screening may be confusing. The American Cancer Society recommends women between the ages of 45 and 54 who have an average risk of breast cancer to get a mammogram each year; at 55 and older every other year.

The American College of Physicists advises that most women get a mammogram every other year starting at 50 years of age; younger women should talk to their doctor about getting a screening done.

Screening guidelines are based on many factors, including the fact that there may be harm caused by further testing and treatment. American College of Physicians, agree that most women at normal risk should get a mammogram every other year beginning at age 50.

Factors that may increase the risk of cancer include the record of personal health, including past irregular testing, previous breast cancer diagnosis, and genetic variation known to increase risk. Breast cancer family history at an early age or in multiple family members often jeopardizes an adult.

The safest advice is to address one’s own personal circumstances, needs and desires with their health care provider explained Dr. Koreishi. Speaking with one’s company will help them determine what kind of testing they are expected to have and how often they should do it.

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